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Theme: Reliability of the Scriptures

2021 Apologetics Conference booklet, including recommended resources for each topic

Videos of the sessions are below:

Introduction to Conference
Harvey Kaeb (Gridley, IL), Nick Gutwein (West Lafayette, IN), Scott Bahr (Detroit, MI)

Is the Bible the Word of God?

John Wiegand (Silverton, OR)

The Bible is God’s revelation of himself to men and women. In this session, we will explore the inspiration of scripture, the truth of scripture, and the sufficiency of scripture as we grow in knowing and loving God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

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How Did We Get the Bible?

Fred Witzig (Washington, IL)

We have good reason to trust that today’s biblical text accurately reflects what God intended for us. In this session, we will explore how God has preserved his Word, and whether everything that should be there actually is.

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Does the Bible contradict itself? – Breakout

Daniel Currier (Congerville, IL)

How do we handle biblical passages that appear to contradict each other? Do these instances challenge the reliability of scripture? In this session, we will talk about how to address common challenges to the Bible’s inerrancy. 

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​Can I Read the Bible Incorrectly? – Breakout

Darren Plattner (Champaign, IL)


How should I read my Bible? Should it be taken literally? In this session, we will explore how to respond to the skeptic as we examine principles of biblical interpretation.

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Does the Bible Endorse Genocide? – Breakout

Clint Bahler (Indianapolis, IN)

How do we handle biblical accounts of God’s people destroying entire cities? In this session, we will explore the character of God and how that is reflected in the ways he deals with his people. [We apologize for the poor audio quality.]

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Does the Bible Condone Slavery? – Breakout

Brian Sutter (Washington, IL)

The Bible certainly includes examples of slavery, but does it endorse it? We will explore the overarching storyline of the Bible as it relates to the human race and how we might thoughtfully respond to this objection.

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Is the Bible Sexist?  – Breakout

Heidi Gerber (Champaign, IL)

In an interesting, practical, and honest way, Heidi will provide an in-depth examination of common, challenging questions regarding the treatment of women in the Bible. She will also provide guidance on how to navigate this emotionally charged issue with unbelievers.

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How to Preach/Teach on Controversial Topics

Jeff Waibel (Leo, IN)

This session will cover practical approaches to preaching/teaching passages that present difficulties due to translation issues or challenges to their authenticity.

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A Call to Love the Word

Joe Gerber (Champaign, IL)

This session will challenge and encourage us to love the Bible with our hearts, not just our minds.

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