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The purpose of the Oral History project is to preserve historical knowledge of our ACCA heritage, build relationships between generations, and to provide understanding of our church practices, doctrines, and perspectives.​ This unique project provides a venue for older Apostolic Christians to contribute to the healthy life of our church.

This project is led by Sis. Erica Steffen from our Congerville congregation, who specializes in historiography. She has been equipping interviewers in this method:

  • Interview members, former members, friends, neighbors and other associates about experiences with ACCA churches or what it means to be Apostolic Christian.

  • Record, preserve, transcribe, and store these interview sessions.

  • Make these interviews available as appropriate.*

*NOTE: Published sharing is optional​ as deemed appropriate by the interviewee, interviewer, and ETR supervisory elders. 

  • Train others in oral history interview techniques. Young groups, Sunday schools, and even entire congregations can make great helpers!

To date, interview sessions have been completed in Peoria, Eureka, and Bloomington. Ideally, this project would expand to continuously glean and publicize these important stories through AC Central, the ACCA Archive, and the ETR website.

What can you do?

To learn more, please enjoy the five videos below, featuring Sis. Erica and Bro. Fred Witzig. A podcast on this subject is scheduled to release on March 4th, 2024 (updated).

If you would like to assist, please alert Sis. Erica by contacting the ETR.

What is Oral History?

ETR has a mission to capture, preserve, and present ACCA history. Erica and Fred help us understand the art of recording the act of storytelling with the goal of enriching the collective life of our church.

Who can be an Oral Historian?

Erica and Fred share the exciting and simple path to helping others share their valuable experiences!

Oral History: Pre-interview preparation

Erica and Fred explain how to prepare well for the interview session, including mental and logistical considerations.

Oral History: Interview method

Erica and Fred explain specific details to help you conduct the actual interview process.

Oral History: Ethics of Oral History

Erica and Fred set up two guidelines of Respect and Discretion in our conduct in gathering and sharing stories.

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