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With the help of an archival science professor and one of her students, the ETR is establishing a professional-quality ACCA archive at the AC Bookstore for the purpose of gathering, preserving, and presenting Apostolic Christian history for the benefit of the church.


651 East Peoria St.
Goodfield, IL, 61742

Limited hours: please contact us to arrange your visit.

We are now ready to accept donations of any documentary materials concerning the ACCA or other churches stemming from the Froehlich tradition. We can accept originals or make copies of originals. We are willing to restrict access to any donations that contain confidential, personal information.

Our interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Congregational records (including church histories, sermons in print or audio form, birth/baptismal/wedding/funeral records, Sunday School records, business meeting records, special event handouts , and other)

  • Personal correspondence, particularly if it includes commentary on church life. Correspondence of elders, ministers, and founding members of congregations are of particular interest.

  • Personal reminiscences that include commentary on church life, including mission work.

  • Local newspaper articles pertaining to the church.

  • Photographs relevant to church life.

  • Old personal, family, or church bibles or other books used in worship

  • Oral histories (recordings of interviews of older members, either in print or audio form)

  • Anything else with the potential of helping us understand historic AC beliefs, practices, and experiences.

What can you do?

If you have anything to donate, please contact the ETR so we can arrange proper transfer.


If you are doing research in the Froehlich traditions, you are invited to use the archive. Please contact us to ensure access at a time convenient for you.

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