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The “Truth in Love Apologetics Conference” helps the Apostolic Christian Church love as Jesus loves by:

  • Motivating worship by developing a Christ-centered life of the mind

  • Increasing confidence in the Bible’s reliability and truth claims

  • Shepherding those dealing with doubt

  • Equipping to evangelize by removing intellectual barriers to faith and answering difficult questions

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"Who Is God?"

Saturday, November 12, 2022

9:15AM - 4:00PM

Washington Apostolic Christian Church

A biblical worldview rests on the foundational premises that God exists and the Bible is his word. Having studied the reliability of the scriptures at the 2021 Truth in Love Apologetics Conference, we spent the 2022 conference looking at who the God of the Bible reveals himself to be.

Conference Intro

Is God Good?

Jeff Waibel: Minister in Leo, IN. Director of Residential Services at Gateway Woods. Husband to Margo and father of three. 

How can a good God allow suffering?  Or evil?  Or send people to Hell?  Questions about the character of God are a major stumbling block for many people.  Having covered the reliability of the scriptures in last year’s conference, we kick off this year’s conference by exploring what those scriptures reveal about our good God.

Is Jesus God?

Luke Kieser: Sunday School teacher in Chicago. Member of Elders Teaching Resource. Graduate Student at Wheaton College.  Husband to Lydia.

The belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ is what differentiates Christianity from other monotheistic religions.  In this session, we will examine the real historical origin of this belief and why it is important to salvation. 

Can God Be 3-in-1?

Frank Sauder: Elder at Roanoke and Japan A.C. churches. Married to Kathy with five children and four grandchildren.

The Trinity is one of the most important – yet least understood and thus most attacked – doctrines of Christianity.  In this session, we will cover where we get this idea, why it’s logical, and how it helps us make sense of reality.

Why Does This Matter?

Joe Gerber: Serves in the ministry to the Champaign, IL congregation. Works for Loving Shepherd Ministries. Husband to Heidi and father of five. 

While we may enjoy reflecting on who God is in order to better understand His Word, what is the practical benefit of this knowledge as we share with others?  In this session, we will consider how what we have learned in the first three sessions provides a helpful and Christ-centric basis for answering the deepest questions of our culture. 

​This is Why We Worship

Fred Witzig: Minister in Washington, IL. Member of the Elders Teaching Resource. Husband to Nancy, father of three, and grandfather of one.

Having feasted on the truth with our minds, this closing session will speak to our souls as we launch into a world looking for answers.

Closing Comments

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