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The “Truth in Love Apologetics Conference” helps the Apostolic Christian Church love as Jesus loves by:

  • Motivating worship by developing a Christ-centered life of the mind

  • Increasing confidence in the Bible’s reliability and truth claims

  • Shepherding those dealing with doubt

  • Equipping to evangelize by removing intellectual barriers to faith and answering difficult questions

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"Does God Matter?"


While "Does God exist?" may be one of mankind’s most fundamental questions, our increasingly secular society seems to be asking a different question: "Does it even matter?" At the 2023 Apologetics Conference as we discussed how to respond to atheism and apathy.

Conference Intro

ETR Apologetics Committee Chair Scott Bahr shares background on why this year's conference topic was selected.

Why We Want God to Exist

Joe Gerber: Elder to the Champaign, IL congregation. Works for Loving Shepherd Ministries. Husband to Heidi and father of five. 

One’s openness to belief in God often depends on how badly he wants (or doesn’t want) God to exist. In this session, we’ll discuss how amazingly good is the Good News of God's existence and how terrifying are the ramifications of a universe without God. We will also discuss strategies for communicating why we should want God to exist.

Why We Believe God Exists

Jeff Waibel: Minister in Leo, IN. Director of Residential Services at Gateway Woods. Husband to Margo and father of 3. 

Belief in God is more than a desire; it’s a rational conclusion based on abundance of evidence. In this session, we’ll explore why we can have so much confidence in God’s existence to the point that we say we “know” it to be true. 

Deconstruction: When Faith Meets Difficulty

Brian Sutter: Former Bible Class teacher in Washington, IL. Counselor at ACCFS.

Deconstructing faith in God has been increasingly celebrated in recent years. In this session, we will look at what deconstruction is and how scripture directs us to engage the questions, doubts, and struggles that shape our worldview. 

Feminism and the Image of God

Heidi Gerber: Assists husband Joe in ministering to the Champaign, IL congregation. Stay-at-home mom to five children.

Our worldview informs how we view and value women. In this session, we will compare and contrast two competing worldviews: biblical Christianity and secular feminism.

How God’s Existence Matters to the Believer

Isaac Wofford: Minister in Washington, IL. Serves on HarvestCall board. Assistant General Counsel at Caterpillar. Husband to Rachel. Father of six.

We may confess that God exists, but do we live like it? In this session, we will explore how when we build our entire lives on the belief that the biblical God exists, we become living apologetics, testimonies to the reality of God.

How God’s Existence Matters to the Unbeliever

Akihiro Ito and Makato Inoue

In this session, we will hear a powerful personal testimony of how God can change a disinterested agnostic – someone who didn't care either way if God exists – into a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

From the Head to the Heart

Caleb Schafer: Minister in Indianapolis. Husband to Laura. Father of six.

To have real impact, apologetics must go beyond ideas. This last session will call us to worship God for all he is and all he does. He is worthy of our belief and our praise! 

Closing Comments

Why does this matter? It's our destiny. We are created in the image of the God who exists. In him, man finds his purpose for living.


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