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Ephesus in the Greco-Roman world

This video situates Ephesus in the ancient world. By the first century AD, Ephesus was a thriving Roman city with strong Greek influence, famous for its worship of such pagan gods as Artemis.

The problem of Ephesian paganism

The successful planting of a Christian church, dedicated to the worship of the one, true God, in a city committed to magic and polytheism presented a formidable challenge to Paul and Timothy, as we see in Acts. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit proved Himself powerful and faithful, turning the city upside down.

Scripture: Acts 18:19-21 and chapter 19

The challenge of Christian leadership

This video begins by recognizing a curiosity in the Greek manuscripts of the Letter to the Ephesians that may provide a glimpse into Paul's work as pastor of churches. This video also considers what happened when Paul left Timothy in charge in Ephesus. The challenge of this pagan city was evidently enough to make a grown man cry!

Scripture: the Letter to the Ephesians as a whole, but especially 1:1; 1 and 2 Timothy as a whole, but especially 1 Timothy 1:1-6, 4:1, 4:12, 5:13, and 6:3-15; and 2 Timothy 1:3-4, 1:8, and 1:13-14.

Succeeding and failing in Ephesus

Reading John's letter to Ephesus in Revelation, it appears the Ephesians won one battle but were in grave danger of losing another. Both battles may bear eerie resemblance to our own battles

Scripture: Revelation 2:1-7

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